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How to Know Your “Stuff”

You must have an in-depth knowledge of your topic for your speech in order to catch any curveballs thrown your way by the audience in any questions asked or if your speech deviates from the path you set either in your mind or in an outline you created beforehand.  You have it in your head that you MUST do the research and everyone tells you that it’s critical to your legitimacy, but they never tell you how to accomplish the task. Look no further.

It is crucial that you decide which questions you want answered by your speech and make a list of them. You can refer to these questions during your research and they will help you remain focused. Note the different means of retrieving material (the internet, people, a library) and attempt to pull a reliable source from each. If conducting an interview, think of questions beforehand, record what is said by the interviewee, and follow up your questions with more as they arise.

Research to back your speech is crucial to its overall success (no matter how many different colors you use to record your research with).

It is imperative that you record the author, title, publisher, and place and date of publication from the sources you have gathered. Be careful where you get your information from. Your research is only as legitimate as the sources you’ve collected. Using any source that may be unreliable can lead to your facts suffering from illegitimacy. Always back up your findings with additional proof. For example, if you find what you think is solid information from the Web, follow it up with more research from a journal or book.

Did you find the answers to the questions you had before your research? If not, keep digging or you may need to take a different angle on your speech topic. Follow these guidelines, and before you know it, you’ll be a “Speak King” yourself.



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