The “Speak King” of Public Speaking

I’m not going to sit at my computer and tell you what I think about myself. That seems pretentious. So, I’ll just tell you this. I’m cool. See? That wasn’t pretentious at all. All joking aside, I’m Sheldon. I am 19 years old. I enjoy anything sports, writing, playing videogames, watching movies, and making music. I held office in all of my years of high school based on my ability to sell myself and my cause before my peers. Public speaking has always came naturally to me, whereas others it has instilled anxiety. My intention with this blog is to attempt to drop the percentage of the fear of public speaking as it is vital to the success of, not only college students, but life in general by showcasing the history, developing the methods, discussing the culture, and providing insight to defeating the unnecessary fear of public speaking.


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