A World Without Public Speaking

All comedic thoughts aside: can you imagine a world without public speaking? The Speak King has built his empire on conquering fear and ruling the stage. He’s had bountiful success with performing for his people, informing and persuading them along the way. Without public speaking, his majesty would not have reigned. Not only would the Speak King’s life been drastically changed, but also everyone else’s as well. Sit and ponder the possibilities. If the importance of public speaking is not brought to the forefront of your mind, then take this in. Where would our history be without the people who stood up and made history just by the words they spoke in public. It wouldn’t even stop there though. Fundamental life would forever be altered. Everyday we have interactions with multiple people at a time. We all speak in public everyday (well, unless you have taken a vow of silence according to your title or culture). You could be thinking, “My life doesn’t even entail any public speaking or presentations,” but there’s no doubt that you say “hello” to your neighbors. You talk to your family. You tell a joke to your coworkers at the watercooler at your place of work. We communicate with those around us. Communication is defined as the “transfer of meaningful information that can be understood.” Anything that sends a message is communication, and there are many ways that a message can be conveyed:

1) Body Language
2) Writing
3) Facial Expressions
4) Sounds
5) Touch
6) Media
7) Posture
8) Hand Gestures

All of these aspects define communication and, therefore, lend themselves hand-in-hand with public speaking. Basic human nature is to build relationships with one another and communication of some sort is essential to any human interaction. Without public speaking, we would lack the ability to flourish or develop. Public speaking is something that can’t be taken away without losing our soul as a species. So, if you’ve gathered anything from this blog during these past few months I want it to be this: public speaking is nothing to fear, but rather embrace. It is what will leave a mark on history. It is what your foundations of life are built upon. Your reputation, your relationships, your integrity, your presence, your success, and your life are all factored by several critical things, one of which is your ability to communicate ideas and opinions through public speaking.

The Speak King now relieves himself of his throne. It is yours for the taking.

References: http://fearless-publicspeaking.com/importance-of-public-speaking-html/


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