Some time ago on this blog, the Speak King addressed the different types of speaking that one would face in their casual or professional lives: informative, persuasive, and extemporaneous. While the first two are quite self-explanatory, extemporaneous speeches are less remarkable. You may know them by their other name: impromptu speeches. Extemporaneous presentations are conducted without any prior knowledge by the speaker that the speech was to be given. Usually, the speaker has no time for research on the topic at hand or with about 30 minutes being the maximum time that preparation can be undertaken. Not only are these kinds of speeches taught in any Public Speaking class, it is also an event in both high school and college tournaments. However, most importantly, this presentation technique is recognized by employers to be one of the most critical job skills for any company who deals with speeches, meetings, or presentations of any sort. The best extemporaneous speakers can give a professional, intelligent, and smooth speech seemingly out of clean air. Yet, the majority of individuals have difficult doing any of those things with mounds of research and hours of practice. In this post, the Speak King will give you the tips on the aspect of extemporaneous speaking that paved the road which led him all the way to the royalty of Public Speaking.

As soon as your topic is laid on you, think it all through. Decide what the focal points of your speech are going to be and construct your speech around the most important ideas you decide you want to convey. Remember the three essential parts of a speech: the introduction, body, and conclusion. Regarding the introduction, be keen to using an attention grabber that will demand the audience’s attention.

When contemplating the body, be aware that this is the most important area of your presentation. This is where your main points will be stated and elaborated on, so stream your thoughts from one point to the other. Provide concrete facts, expert opinions, interesting statistics, and entertaining bits of information to liven up your speech.

Regarding the cpnclusion, tie up all your loose ends, reiterate your main points, and solidify your listener’s beliefs in what you’ve discussed. If at any point in your presentation you begin to lose your focus while speaking, take a deep breath and gather yourself. Whatever you do, avoid silence at all costs. When lost, or at a loss of words, just revert to talking about something that is at least on topic.

Follow all of these steps just as the Speak King did and still does, and you will be on your way to being at a stature such as my own. But watch yourself, there is only one Speak King.

Resources: http://www.ehow.com/how_4705356_give-extemporaneous-speech.html


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