Sparring Sessions With Questions

One of the key characteristics a king must have to be succesful is having a keen strategic mind. A king must know when to attack, when to defend, where to place his troops, where to expand, and so on. A Public Speakking has these in their arsenal as well; they must know when to be aggressive, when to field responses from the audience, where to place your body and use the stage, how to elaborate on your topic, and so on. A topic that has been evaded since the birth of this blog (not purposefully), has been the act of promoting and handling questions from the audience. Answering any inquiries your listeners may have is a significant and useful step in solidifying a speech and bettering your self-presentation as a speaker. Here are some ways to tackle any questions you are thrown and how to manage your own approach to repsonding to any.

1. Manage Your Content to Be Question Appropriate: If your speech provides information that is too simplistic and that the audience already knows, no questions will pop up. However, if your message is too dense and goes over the head of your listeners, they will not ask any questions again because they’ll be so lost from the beginning that they don’t know where to start. You must find the healthy medium. Invoke curiosity, while providing a solid foundation of knowledge that your audience can stand upon in order to voice their inquiries.

2. Leave Your Audience Wanting More: Give information that is sufficient, but leave your audience hungry for more. Don’t be exhaustive in your coverage. The last thing an audience wants is to be spoonfed  what your topic is. They want to brew up their own understandings, and if they have any questions, they will ask them. Encourage your audience to be interactive with you before you give your speech. Tell them to ask questions as they come up, ask at the end of your speech, or to write down their questions so that you can answer them once you have wrapped up your presentation.

3. Validate every question: It takes courage from the audience members to get the guts to ask a question in front of their peers. This goes along with public speaking fears and anxiety that is too common in the world today. People wonder, “is my question stupid?” “Did I just miss something and my question was answered in what was said?” Well, take all questions with open arms. A Speak King is always listening to his people. No matter if the material was already covered or the question is somewhat irrelevant — answer it and answer it clearly. The audience doesn’t want a parable. They don’t want to be bored with your response. Answer quickly, efficiently, decisively, and confidently.



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