Boo! To Public Speaking Fears

 Halloween may have been yesterday, but the Speak King knows what still haunts your dreams. It stalks your conscience by day and creeps into your dreams at night. Just the thought sends chills down your spine and sweat down your face. Its existence is inevitable, yet we wish it dead. I’m not talking about snakes (terrifying, I know), spiders, heights, or flying. According to A Gallup Poll conducted in 2001, 40% of U.S. adults admit they are fearful of public speaking (which was ranked second only to, you guessed it, snakes). Public speaking is nothing to be afraid of, citizens! It’s something that is customary, encouraged, and sometimes mandatory in the workplace and in school. Before one can attempt to be a proficient speaker, these fears must be addressed and faced. Just as a person would sever the head of a poisionous serpent, The Speak King is here to provide his countrymen with the advice to cut the ties between fear and public speaking (yes, if you can’t tell, I do not enjoy snakes). Here are 4 things to keep in mind on your road to dominating the stage and conquering the attention of your audience, not from your fear, but from your lack thereof:

Happy Halloween, aspiring knights!

  Happy Halloween, aspiring knights!

1) Have A Positive Mindset: No matter how much dread you have faced in the past about public speaking, make it a point in your mind to face this speech as an opportunity rather than an obligation. Before you can convince anyone else that you have no qualms with stepping onto the stage, you have to make it known to yourself that you are no longer fearful by thinking positively.
2) Remember-You’re Not the Only One! Like I said earlier, 40% of adults have stated they have problems with public speaking. Even professional, experienced speaker become tense before they take the stage. All of this is normal. Embrace your fear and use it as motivation to perform even better.
3) Watch What You Eat: What you choose to eat, or if you decide to eat at all, can have an impact on your level of fear. If you skip a meal, you run the chance of becoming light-headed and dizzy. Also, steer away from caffeinated drinks because they can create shaking or intensify the severity of any shaking problems that may surface. Furthermore, keep from any spicy or fried foods because they can potentially upset your stomach. Focus on carbohydrate-heavy foods, they act as natural sedatives and slow your metabolism.
4) Step Up: If the choice is yours, volunteer to speak first. Courageousness will diminish your sense of fear, as well as the casting the image to your audience that you are confident, prepared, and opportunistic.

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